eBook Mobile Application Development Services

Creating convenient & engaging eBook software that
your users will choose among other options no matter what. Start working with a professional team to conquer the market and gain maximum profit.

  • 20+experts in the team
  • 35+successful projects
  • 10+years of experience

Converting your idea
into a competitive and
engaging app

We can help you build an app from scratch or improve your existing software. Weelorum has a rich background working with startups and businesses of all kinds, so we’re ready to apply all our experience to your project.


Combining style, convenience, and usability to meet users’ expectations.


Covering the lion’s share of the market while providing maximum performance.


Providing an exceptional experience on all devices without forcing users to download software.

Increasing user
interaction for all

Weelorum’s team creates both standard applications and custom solutions for different niches. Our reader app development services will help you get a product that engages users and builds a loyal community that makes your business profitable.

Cookbook Apps

We can integrate video recipes, built-in timers, nutrition data, and other features valued by anyone interested in cooking.

Children’s eBook Apps

We can add gamification techniques such as puzzles, quizzes, mini-games, and others to engage young readers.


We can enhance your textbook with automatically-graded quizzes, vocabulary-building tools, and other features to facilitate learning.

Travel Guides

We can develop an eBook application with built-in maps and GPS. This will help travelers get maximum benefits from the guide.

App development cases


Solutions we use to create
a market-winning app

As an experienced eBook application development company, we know how to avoid pitfalls while creating your software. Our engineers apply the best practices and can create interactive experiences that keep users engaged long-term.

Features of an engaging eBook:

Smooth Reading:

Smart search, keywords, highlighting, bookmarks, notes, etc.

Various Formats:

Online or offline access, audio and video playback, accessibility tools.

Monetization Models:

Paid access, subscriptions, paid chapters, online storage, premium features, etc.

Applying Client Data:

Monitoring interactions, conducting surveys, performing a/b testing.

Interactions and Gamification

Puzzles, mini-games, quizzes, self-assessment tests, live comments, chats, sharing options, and anything else to keep users engaged.

Why choose Weelorum as your eBook app development company

Our goal is to create user-friendly software that brings a powerful experience for users and generates profits for your business. That’s why we provide cost-effective eBook mobile app development services to find the best combination of price & quality.


We provide eBook app development services that cover all stages from idea to realization. The team dives deep into your business, analyzes competitors, and recommends the most effective solutions. You will get a full-fledged app loved by thousands of users.


We work with you to set clear metrics that help us evaluate development progress. All data is uploaded into our Jira dashboard, letting you see what’s going on at any stage. Our processes are transparent and clear.


You get regular project updates in our Jira dashboard, including the tasklist and amount of work. Data is also provided in detailed reports so that you could estimate the project at any time. We’re always open to implementing new ideas in your product!


We set up a team of experts with a relevant background in your niche. They already know the best practices for your industry, applying their skills to meet consumer demands and grow your business. It’s the best way to develop an eBook mobile app.

Main steps of the workflow in our eBook app development services

Our priority is creating a market-winning app for your business. That’s why we start from the discovery phase by analyzing the market, your competitors, and user needs. We then apply this data to build an engaging eBook application that users will love and recommend to their friends.

Evaluation and Approval

When evaluating, we create a backlog of tasks. We present it to our client to show the scope of work based on the work hours in the assessment.

Tasks Planning

We create a development roadmap by dividing all tasks into sprints. Our clients receive access to Jira, where they can track the project’s progress.

UI & UX Design

When the app is ready, we proceed with the design and create a user-friendly and convenient interface, making it energy efficient and comfortable for the eyes

Product Launch & Analytics

We use our experience to help clients launch their products and set up analytics. We also offer updates based on the market & user data.

Evaluation and Approval

When evaluating, we create a backlog of tasks. We present it to our client to show the scope of work based on the work hours in the assessment.

Tasks Planning

We create a development roadmap by dividing all tasks into sprints. Our clients receive access to Jira, where they can track the project’s progress.


YBC Music
We’ve been cooperating with Weelorum for 4 years already and continue improving our application. At first, we were impressed with their development approach and tech expertise but then, communication, problem-solving and project cate became their strongest points. Weelorum provides all the explanations to the technical questions and this made it easy to cooperate with them. Thanks for the amazing app and all the work you’ve put in!
YBC Music

Marketing lead
Shaun Williams

Weelorum team has become a great partner for us during the last couple of years and together, we were able to deliver high-level software to our clients. All of their engineers have deep knowledge of mobile development architecture and they can cope with any kind of task. We worked on several projects, some of them were really complicated but still, they were able to successfully complete them and bring a lot of value to our end clients.

CEO and Founder
Natasha Shukin

Live Colony
We started our work with a small task but we decided to continue our collaboration because I recognize a potential. The development quality and result-oriented approach made Weelorum a great fit for further projects and in total, we’ve been cooperating for more than 3 years already. I consider them to be great experts in the mobile app development area and they do an excellent work with analytics and app enhancements. It was a pleasure working with them.
Live Colony

CEO and Founder
John M.

Weelorum successfully and promptly fulfilled the project scope — they delivered quality outputs, updated the designs, and discovered bugs. Their project management style and communication were convenient, flexible, and responsive. Overall, their professional approach and positive attitude stood out.

Product Manager
Andrew Deegan

Jon D. Rock Inc.
Weelorum has successfully released the final app in just three months. Professional and collaborative, they work efficiently and are proactive in seeking input and incorporating feedback from the client. Their transparency, patience, approachability, and can-do attitude make them stand out.
Jon D. Rock Inc.

Founder & CEO
Carlos G. Amador

Custom Surgical GmbH
Weelorum has successfully launched within three months. The team has worked hard to improve the platform's designs, UX, and customer retention. They are calm and have handled the requirement definition with a practical approach. Their adequate resources are critical to the project's success.
Custom Surgical GmbH

Chief Technology Officer
Fernando Benito Abad


How much does it cost to make an eBook app?

We calculate the cost of our eBook application development services individually for each project. Some factors that affect the total price are project complexity, the number of required features, platforms, and others. The average price of building an eBook app’s MVP is up to $20,000.

How do I make my eBook app profitable?

Our electronic book app development services help you determine the best ways to monetize your software. This usually includes methods like subscriptions, paid chapters, premium accounts, and others. We come up with the most profitable options that outpace your competitors.

Can you make an app like Wattpad?

Our reader mobile app development services can build anything. Weelorum’s team has immense expertise in this area, allowing the team to solve any challenges and compete with current market leaders. We are ready to help you become the next market leader who sets the standards in the eBook app industry.