UI/UX Design Services for Mobile Apps

Creating simple and effective app designs to
captivate end-users and solve your business

  • 20+experts in the team
  • 35+successful projects
  • 10+years of experience

UI/UX design services for mobile apps

Implementing your ideas into app designs

At Weelorum, we help startups take their product vision to an entirely new level and build design solutions to transform and empower them. We become a creative team and CTO partners at the same time.

As a team, we have a solid approach and offer design solutions based on the experience of our client’s success, trend research, and in-depth brand analysis.

User experience

We offer expert  UX design services for mobile apps and aim to build effective solutions for high-quality user experience. We aim to make a convenient and intuitive interface for users to enjoy.

User interfaces

Our designers create custom interfaces according to business requests, audience preferences, and App Store and Play Market guidelines. We offer different mobile interface design services to build the perfect app and enhance the brand.

Full-cycle app development

Weelorum is a complex services provider for your business. We provide you with app development and professional mobile UX design services. While choosing us, you can get a visually appealing app and truly qualitative code, so your future deployment will be an easy thing.

Additional mobile app
design services

Customer journey maps and infographics

At the beginning of work, we have a discovery phase where we collect different business and market data. We create flowcharts to describe the user’s flow and some prototypes later.
Also, we create infographics and templates for other business purposes, such as dashboards for easy analytics tracking.

Design audits and consulting

Our mobile user interface design services include answering design-related questions, giving recommendations, and refining already finished designs.
The most common request after the consultation is to improve the display of all screen states and set up sources for export to developers.



Simple and comprehensive mobile UI and UX design services for startups

The Weelorum team works with startups in different niches and has experience in creating market-winning concepts and attractive designs that can shape brand identity.
We are sure that design is more about “how it works” and less about “how it looks.” Our team has profound knowledge of iOS and Android platforms and knows how to keep the app convenient and good-looking at the same time.

Simple and
comprehensive mobile
UI and UX design
services for startups

The Weelorum team works with
startups in different niches and has experience in creating market-winning concepts and attractive designs that can shape brand identity.
We are sure that design is more about
“how it works” and less about “how it looks.” Our team has profound knowledge of iOS and Android platforms and knows how to keep the app convenient and good-looking at the same time.


iOS app design is much easier and cleaner than Android. It has simple rules and design patterns. The same design framework unites apps on this platform so that design can be done faster.


Android is a very flexible platform. It often releases new guidelines which allow for making different customizations and unique solutions. Mobile app design for Android is more adjustable and can be customized to any business needs.

Niches we work in

  • Wellness Apps
  • Event Planning
  • Dating Apps
  • Taxi & Travel Apps
  • E-commerce
  • Hospitality
  • Social Networks

Design process stages

Choose Weelorum, and let’s gain traction together

At our company, UX and UI mobile design services go along with mobile app development. We aim to get your app high engagement and top-ranking in App Store and Play Market and provide users with a seamless experience.

Research and mood boards

The work process always starts with a discovery phase, where we conduct research and collect all the data about the project, competitors, end-users, and market. After the analysis, the design team highlights the visual features of the brand and business and creates the first storyboards.


In the wireframing stage, we create low-fidelity prototypes of each page and screen of the app. Such sketching helps us check whether all pages are already made, and no information is missing. Also, it helps create a user journey and check if the flow of the page is smooth and logical.

Clickable prototype

A prototype is a functional feature that allows interacting with the content we created before. In such a way, we do usability testing and check different user flow scenarios to make a perfect intuitive design.

Visual concepts

In the visual concept stage, we work on the app’s MVP version. We work on UI components, creating a complete design system with rules for using all graphic elements and fonts in the further design iterations.

Design finalization

After that, we provide clients with the final stage of the UI design services for mobile apps. Our designers bring the app to perfection, verify all the solutions, and check it for compliance with App Store and Play Market.

Analytical tools and improvements

Weelorum’s mobile app designers set analytical tools for each client to track all the interactions, transactions, etc. By collecting this data, we know what app features work well and what should be improved in terms of design.

Design tools we use


YBC Music
We’ve been cooperating with Weelorum for 4 years already and continue improving our application. At first, we were impressed with their development approach and tech expertise but then, communication, problem-solving and project cate became their strongest points. Weelorum provides all the explanations to the technical questions and this made it easy to cooperate with them. Thanks for the amazing app and all the work you’ve put in!
YBC Music

Marketing lead
Shaun Williams

Weelorum team has become a great partner for us during the last couple of years and together, we were able to deliver high-level software to our clients. All of their engineers have deep knowledge of mobile development architecture and they can cope with any kind of task. We worked on several projects, some of them were really complicated but still, they were able to successfully complete them and bring a lot of value to our end clients.

CEO and Founder
Natasha Shukin

Live Colony
We started our work with a small task but we decided to continue our collaboration because I recognize a potential. The development quality and result-oriented approach made Weelorum a great fit for further projects and in total, we’ve been cooperating for more than 3 years already. I consider them to be great experts in the mobile app development area and they do an excellent work with analytics and app enhancements. It was a pleasure working with them.
Live Colony

CEO and Founder
John M.

Weelorum successfully and promptly fulfilled the project scope — they delivered quality outputs, updated the designs, and discovered bugs. Their project management style and communication were convenient, flexible, and responsive. Overall, their professional approach and positive attitude stood out.

Product Manager
Andrew Deegan

Jon D. Rock Inc.
Weelorum has successfully released the final app in just three months. Professional and collaborative, they work efficiently and are proactive in seeking input and incorporating feedback from the client. Their transparency, patience, approachability, and can-do attitude make them stand out.
Jon D. Rock Inc.

Founder & CEO
Carlos G. Amador

Custom Surgical GmbH
Weelorum has successfully launched within three months. The team has worked hard to improve the platform's designs, UX, and customer retention. They are calm and have handled the requirement definition with a practical approach. Their adequate resources are critical to the project's success.
Custom Surgical GmbH

Chief Technology Officer
Fernando Benito Abad


What skills do your mobile UI/UX designers have?

At Weelorum, mobile designers, like other team members, enjoy their work and always keep on learning and developing their skills. Usually, they have colossal design experience and a portfolio of works. You can take a look at them while researching our case studies.

We also develop soft skills: creativeness, the ability to create something new and unusual, to be easy and flexible in communication.

Why should I choose you for the mobile UI design services?

When you choose our mobile UI design creation services, you can get all solutions under one umbrella because we provide development, graphic designing, and analytical services simultaneously.

As a team, we have a well-established internal communication process. Our team has worked together for a long time and knows how to create excellent solutions. The method of communication and app creation will be fast and straightforward, saving you time and money.

Can I request you to only provide mobile app UX design services?

At Weelorum, the UI and UX are the inseparable parts of the final app look. That is why we can not provide you with only mobile UX design creation services.

But we also offer consulting services, so we can give you some tips to improve the UX of the app.