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Collect data about users’ location and offer customized solutions
Native iOS Native Android IoT Cloud-platform Flutter
Location-based apps Collect data about users’ location and offer customized solutions
Social networks Create online communities and improve users’ interactions
Audio/Video based apps Build streaming & sharing channels to deliver values on distance
Full-cycle mobile app development services


We create apps from scratch & integrate any features into existing ones
Chats Social networking AI for mobile In-app purchases Crm Face recognition Databases Video/audio Maps


At Weelorum, we create chat features for different types of apps, so co-workers, medical patients or drivers and their clients can exchange info easily.

Social networking

In terms of full-cycle app development services, we provide custom and clone apps, so our partners get their own TikTok or unique social media to cover their pain points.

AI for mobile

We provide apps with AI features to create better user experience and cover more business needs. For example, make smart dating or ecommerce app with unique recommendations included.

In-app purchases

Our team can enhance your app with suitable monetization models. You can choose between ads in free apps; customer data monetization; payment commission; promotion fee or subscriptions ones.


CRM allows users have access to data 24/7 wherever they are. We provide this solution to new and existing startups and enterprises.

Face recognition

Range of the top-notch solutions is endless, the face recognition is one of the most popular nowadays. We provide this feature for our partners under the request.


As part of the development process, we customize any databases. We know how to make instant access the required information simply.


Entertainment app can be as easy as you want with a low number of features or include all the intended functionality. We know how to develop, launch and monetize each of them.


We integrate maps solutions to various of apps as social media, event or taxi. We know how to provide users with built-in navigation or correct roads for the trip.

Our approach

We create truly engaging apps that users won't delete even if they need the storage space Weelorum is a mobile app development partner for startups that provide smart, innovative ideas based on future-oriented and cost-effective technologies.
productivity metrics

We measure effectiveness & productivity metrics continuously and use the data to make your app successful. With us, you won’t fly blind anymore. We’ll make a plan to move towards your aim following clear steps.

product analysis

We can help you satisfy market and customer needs with exact and proper technology solutions based on product analysis.

Let us take the technical weight off your shoulders

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Full-cycle mobile development services

All mobile development services under one roof

We provide complex solutions that are not just about creating apps, but more about strengthening your business in the exact way you need it.
MVP development
Discovery phase UI/UX design Mobile development QA testing Product launch Backend Basic analytics
Get a right start with just an idea or prototype and show profitability right away and in the long run.
Post-launch scaling and support
Product audit Analytic upgrade CRO Business analysis Backend scaling New features development
Follow the best path of your product development and trust real data based on your customers’ behavior.
Custom product scaling
Porting from a platform to other platforms Porting from web to mobile
On the path of your business’s digital transformation, our developers provide custom scaling and porting solutions.
Teams augmentation
iOS development team extension Android development team extension
Trust your product to mobile app development experts with a broad background.

Our expertise covers numerous niches

Custom mobile applications development allows for resolving issues of any complexity. At Weelorum we have experience in developing apps for more than 10 niches.

Our expertise covers numerous niches

Custom mobile applications development allows for resolving issues of any complexity.
At Weelorum we have experience in developing apps for more than 10 niches.
eCommerce Wellness Events Fintech Delivery Hospitality Social-networking Ebooks Video Travel IoT Music Taxi Dating
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iOS WELLNESS music relaxation
YBC Music – The next level of Total Relaxation. Combine Music, Nature sounds, and Binaural Beats to create your own unique Music Mix. It is the perfect app for anyone wanting to relax, sleep, meditate, focus or de-stress.
Swift Ruby on Rails Realm Custom Player
Mobile developent

Jon D.Rock

The app allows you to integrate financial accounts, and get valuable insights about your assets, investments, or liabilities. With these tools, you will develop a financial plan that lets you thrive, while staying true to your vision and values.
Swift Realm Firebase Parse Plaid API FastTrack API
Mobile developent

Photo copy

The photocopy is a one-of-a-kind app that takes you on a journey of beautiful photos, starting from picking a location, to building beautiful photo compositions, planning your next trip according to breathtaking places, and creating your very own photo history travel map!
Kotlin Swift Parse Google Maps API Google Place API


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We provide complex solutions that are not just about creating apps, but more about strengthening your business in the exact way you need it.

At Weelorum, we are experienced in working with custom mobile application development.

Our tailor-made code is clean, reliable, and easy-scalable. We work step by step and move from simple prototypes to complex products, testing them on each step.

We can accomplish all necessary tasks: coding from scratch, porting from a platform to a platform, or converting from web to mobile.

Weelorum has offered full-cycle app development services for three years. We profoundly understand mobile development in more than ten niches, including events, dating, and streaming apps.

We work in several formats: as a full-stack development team, as a team extension for big startups & development companies, and as a part of projects for collateral development. For mobile app startups, we propose both end-to-end product development and post-launch support with scaling, new features, and analytics upgrades.

As a full-cycle mobile app development company, we always focus on cutting-edge technologies. To achieve results and make our clients successful, it’s crucial to know the latest innovations and market trends. We base our solutions on market data, detailed analysis, and industry knowledge.

Our bespoke business solutions include B2B & B2C applications of different types: marketplaces, social networks, and SaaS platforms. They can be developed as location-based or streaming-based apps and have various forms of monetization: ads in free apps, customer data monetization, payment commission, promotion fee, or subscriptions.

As a full-cycle mobile development company, we provide a full stack of services to make each application successful.

We estimate the team size to work on your project, plan all the cooperation steps, and communication rules.

While working on a project, we start with a discovery phase, provide business analysis, and create a prototype. We work with basic analytics and market data and help with a product launch, so the application reaches its audience, closes the demand, and gains momentum from the very beginning. Moreover, we work with the backend, provide QA testing, and work on UX & UI design.

We pay attention to the details and dive into every business as if it was ours. We work with clients as partners, involve them, and explain all the necessary issues to achieve success.