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According to Statista, the leading mobile fitness and workout apps reached 17 million downloads worldwide in 2022, and online revenue worldwide is forecasted to be 5,273.5 million $5.27 billion U.S. dollars.

Users around the world care about their health, weight, and diet, so they use well-being apps to track their behavior. They say the user penetration will be 12.52% in 2022, and it’s expected to hit 15.92% by 2026. This shows constant and deep market penetration for the personal care industry.


Wellness and health app development

Creating custom fitness
apps for various

The wide adoption of mobile apps
is not only a trend but also a necessity for the wellness industry. Personal trainers and yoga teachers need a mobile app not less than gyms and retreat centers. People tend to use several sports apps to track their progress and keep themselves in good shape.

  • Workout apps

  • Gym apps

  • Personal trainer apps

  • Tracking apps

  • Nutrition apps

  • Fitness apps

  • Mental wellness apps

Workout apps

Workout apps

These apps can be as different as workout options. It can be an in-gym workout app that replaces trainers or a mobile solution for home training indoors or in the fresh air. We’ll help you create a workout application that helps users build their dream body, educates them on sports anatomy, and enables personalized training planning.

Gym apps

Gym apps

Gym apps are in high demand for those who treat gyms as a first stop after they leave their homes in the morning and the last stop before they come back home at the end of the day. Gym apps are super convenient for training because they provide more ideas on how to use gym equipment to achieve better results in a shorter time. Users can also book slots for certain gym activities and services using this type of app.

Personal trainer apps

Personal trainer apps

Personal trainers request fitness application development services as a plan for the development of their personal brand. In this case, a personal trainer app will add to customer care and create an exclusive space for convenient interaction. However, there are a lot of people who associate a personal trainer with an app itself and not with a real person. All they want is to access workout materials and some guidance.

Tracking apps

Tracking apps

The popularity of tracking apps is the organic consequence of our need to be more productive and stay in charge of our progress. Today, tracking apps are multifunctional. You can track steps, calories, health indicators, and more. As a progressive wellness app development services provider, Weelorum includes tracking functionality into each sports app and can solve any challenge that may evolve with the business model of the tracking apps.

Nutrition apps

Nutrition apps

A healthy diet is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and a key condition for the effectiveness of sports training. We build nutrition apps as a part of our health and fitness app development services. They include features for menu planning, calorie tracking, providing valuable data on products and supplements, and can include the ability to connect with professional nutritionists.

Fitness apps

Fitness apps

Modern fitness apps go hand in hand with wearable devices. Weelorum develops this integration as a part of our fitness mobile app development services to create more complex and fulfilling experiences for your users. As an experienced fitness app development company, we never forget to add motivational elements to the app to keep your user engagement rate high.

Mental wellness apps

Mental wellness apps

Mental wellness solutions help to deal with and heal our anxieties, teach us concentration and relaxation, or even how to manage our emotions. Mental wellness apps are frequent neighbors of workout apps on the user's mobile phones. As a versatile wellness app development company, Weelorum has best practices for building a mobile self-help solution or safe space for professional assistance within one app.

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mobile solutions


Weelorum builds apps that help organize retreats, yoga and marathon tours, wellness events, and more.


We develop in-app integrations with online shops for your care products and devices or set up these stores from scratch.


Our team creates apps that help organize and manage corporate health and wellness programs.

Features we develop

  • Audio and video player integrations
  • Training program planning tools
  • In-app booking
  • Tracking tools
  • Knowledge databases integration
  • Wearable device integration
  • Gamification and motivation features
  • Geolocation and navigation
  • In-app communication with professionals
  • Notification systems

Choose Weelorum
to build a successful
fitness app

Weelorum is your partner in developing a market-winning app. Our experienced team dives into the project, studies all the details, and gives you back the desired app. We are a team and partners you can rely on.

Strategic MVP development

From the very beginning, we gather project requirements and compare them with market analysis to build an app that wins users’ hearts right after launch. It also helps us prioritize features to develop and create a strategy for product scaling. This market-wise, cost-effective approach helps our clients succeed.

Really lovable design

We meticulously research user flows to create convenient experiences and establish emotional connections through colors and design elements. Our designs serve to create a distinctive ambience in your app that helps not only to stand out from competitors but increase user engagement.

Transparent workflow based on KPIs

We set clear priorities in project development that enable us to divide it into stages with certain expected results. Together with clients, we set up KPIs and track our progress with shared updates in Jira. This approach ensures both transparency in communication and effectiveness in the end results.

Versatile expertise in mobile technologies

We’re experts in mobile app development that, combined with domain knowledge showcased in our portfolio, allows us to deliver effective technological strategies. We also apply marketing and analytics tools to ensure product-market fit and derive valuable insights for pivoting or scaling.

Main steps of the workflow

We believe that a good project starts with a solid foundation. Before starting to work, our team conducts research on the market, business, and dives into all the details. The collected data allows us to develop an app that takes into account all the demands and requests of users and businesses.

Evaluation and approval

When evaluating, we create a backlog of tasks. We present it to our client to show the scope of work based on the work hours in the assessment.

Task planning

We create a development roadmap by dividing all tasks into sprints. Our clients receive access to Jira, where they can track the project’s progress.

Development & QA testing

We start the development process and, at the end of each sprint, test the software we’ve created. In this way, the client gets an MVP from the first sprint at the end of the second sprint.

UI & UX design

When the app is ready, we proceed with the design and create a user-friendly and convenient interface.

Product launch & analytics

We use our experience to help clients launch their products and set up analytics. We also offer updates based on the market and user data.

Updating & scaling

When the app is launched and works successfully, we help with updates and scaling.


YBC Music
We’ve been cooperating with Weelorum for 4 years already and continue improving our application. At first, we were impressed with their development approach and tech expertise but then, communication, problem-solving and project cate became their strongest points. Weelorum provides all the explanations to the technical questions and this made it easy to cooperate with them. Thanks for the amazing app and all the work you’ve put in!
YBC Music

Marketing lead
Shaun Williams

Weelorum team has become a great partner for us during the last couple of years and together, we were able to deliver high-level software to our clients. All of their engineers have deep knowledge of mobile development architecture and they can cope with any kind of task. We worked on several projects, some of them were really complicated but still, they were able to successfully complete them and bring a lot of value to our end clients.

CEO and Founder
Natasha Shukin

Live Colony
We started our work with a small task but we decided to continue our collaboration because I recognize a potential. The development quality and result-oriented approach made Weelorum a great fit for further projects and in total, we’ve been cooperating for more than 3 years already. I consider them to be great experts in the mobile app development area and they do an excellent work with analytics and app enhancements. It was a pleasure working with them.
Live Colony

CEO and Founder
John M.

Weelorum successfully and promptly fulfilled the project scope — they delivered quality outputs, updated the designs, and discovered bugs. Their project management style and communication were convenient, flexible, and responsive. Overall, their professional approach and positive attitude stood out.

Product Manager
Andrew Deegan

Jon D. Rock Inc.
Weelorum has successfully released the final app in just three months. Professional and collaborative, they work efficiently and are proactive in seeking input and incorporating feedback from the client. Their transparency, patience, approachability, and can-do attitude make them stand out.
Jon D. Rock Inc.

Founder & CEO
Carlos G. Amador

Custom Surgical GmbH
Weelorum has successfully launched within three months. The team has worked hard to improve the platform's designs, UX, and customer retention. They are calm and have handled the requirement definition with a practical approach. Their adequate resources are critical to the project's success.
Custom Surgical GmbH

Chief Technology Officer
Fernando Benito Abad


What information should I provide to start my wellness app development with you?

You can describe your idea or attach project requirements in the contact form. Then, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your options and clarify some details regarding your future app. After that, we can estimate your project’s costs and deadlines and set up the work. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have technical specifications upfront. We can form them for you as a part of our custom wellness app development services.

How do I make my fitness app stand out?

You should think of all possible kinds of personalization, customization, and gamification to make your fitness app stand out among competitors. Consumers in the wellness industry show great response to emotional content and communication, so you can be brave in your design solutions and marketing campaigns. Our custom fitness app development services include analytics tools implementation that help you measure product success and market response.