Social Media Application Development Services

Let’s create a successful app that
can satisfy user needs to interact with
each other!

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  • 35+successful projects
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Creating top-rated apps
to boost your business revenue

According to App Annie’s 2021 Report, last year, the Daily Time Spent Per User was
4.8 hours, the average daily time spent using social media was 2 hours and 27 minutes. Users spent almost 4 billion dollars, up from 0.5 billion in 2018, and the market continues
to grow.

Weelorum is a social media app development company that helps create apps that catch the wave of hype once they enter the market and stay relevant for a long time after that.

Social media application development services

Building any social apps as the linchpin to connection

At Weelorum, we develop engaging social media apps that bring together people who recognize the power of networking and want to build online connections in a user-friendly environment. Our team successfully delivers custom social media app development solutions based on client requirements and knows how to gain competitive advantages on the code level.

Promotional Apps

Unite people around the company’s brand and enhance an online presence and reputation with a strong community. Promotional applications enable customers to interact with the brand in the most personalized way and supply businesses with additional marketing tools.

Social Games

Create a social game app that enables users to communicate and interact with each other via messenger, video calls, or live-streaming, exchange files and game-related objects, form teams and internal communities.

Forum, Blogging, And
Publishing Apps

Empower users in their intention to unite around their mutual professional and cultural interests, hobbies, or even scientific studies with feature-rich apps. We’ll research the user experience of your target audience with competitor applications to find out what gaps you can cover to win the market competition.

Dating Apps

Nowadays, you don’t really need to develop the ‘next Tinder’ for succeeding in the dating app market. The winning strategy for this kind of app lies in a narrow target audience with specific parameters and interests. Deliver the exclusiveness of experience to users by creating a mobile community of single hearts that have much in common by default.

Social Networks

Predict upcoming trends in social networks and act on them before competitors do. We analyze niche leaders to find out what social network features became tiresome, explore the ways your target audience wants to interact with each other, and satisfy their needs with the environment.

Contest Apps

Strengthen your business with convenient marketing tools to attract new leads and increase customer engagement. Create giveaway campaigns that easily integrate with any social media network and offer high-end functionality that enables businesses to implement any marketing campaigns that come to their minds.

Messaging Apps

Build convenient and secure applications where users can exchange any type of data they want. It may seem that the market is overloaded with messaging apps, and it isn't worth trying to create something new in this niche. However, the mission is possible if you know the audience and can deliver them an exclusive experience, extra convenience, and protection of their privacy.

Video-Based Apps

The world can’t get enough of video-based apps as we live in the era when nearly everyone can be considered a content creator, and businesses should handle online communications under conditions of remote work and globalization. You can build a high-loaded application or a private business communication app and rely on Weelorum’s social media app developers to take care of the tech side of each business model.

Social Network Analysis Tools

Help businesses win the marketing race by delivering unified solutions for social network analysis. Weelorum has sufficient expertise to empower your analytics with artificial intelligence for adding prediction capacities to in-depth analysis of previous results. Let AI become your competitive advantage and see how users choose your app for the efficiency it delivers to their omnichannel marketing.

Women's Social Networking Apps

The trend for female leadership is not slowing down! Women connect under gender-focused communities on social, professional, and political levels. Weelorum’s social networking app developers will help you build a market-winning app that every woman wants to be an ambassador of.

Consumer Reviews Apps

According to TINT, more than 86% of businesses use user-generated content as a part of their marketing strategy. People trust people. Creating consumer reviews applications, you’ll work under a hybrid of B2B, B2C, and C2C business models that helps generate several revenue streams and nearly unlimited abilities for scaling.

Career-Based Apps

Remote work conditions and the rise of freelance job opportunities generate endless demand for career-based social networking applications. You can build an app that connects models and photographers to create a piece of art or freelancers to build a team for project-based work. Weelorum will help you figure out optimal user flows and develop a scalable app MVP.

Enterprise Social Media Networks

Applications for corporate communications require an exceptionally individualized approach. Cross-department information sharing may demand user-level-based access. Enterprises have strict security standards: they need their internal social media apps to be integrated with their complex software environment. They are also obligated to follow governmental policies regarding data protection. Weelorum will help you overcome all of these challenges.

Impactful Social
Media App
Development Cases

Spontivly Case Study

Location-based networking app
development allows people to be
aware of events of their interest that
are held nearby and connect with
like-minded people.


Features we can develop for social networking solutions

  • Profile creation and management
  • Real-time chat
  • Add favorites
  • Advanced settings include personal details and preferences
  • Map integration and location-based functionality
  • Image, audio, and video editing
  • Content sharing (newsfeed, story sharing, livestreaming)
  • Attractive profile features, including background image, color, font style, wallpaper
  • Media upload and sharing
  • Messengers
  • Social media API integration
  • Secure login options and privacy control Third-party integrations
  • Notifications
  • Advanced search options
  • Event creation and management

Why choose Weelorum
as the partner for social media app development

At Weelorum, we know how to make an engaging social media app. Our development team knows how to overcome common problems and create a market-winning app.

Full-cycle services

Weelorum provides complete app development for startups. We immerse ourselves in the business, do deep analytics, and UI and UX design. We develop and thoroughly test the application to ensure its success in its market niche.

Comprehensive KPI suite

We define and set the KPIs together with our partners and focus our application support services around these metrics and targets. We track their fulfillment internally and put the data in the Jira dashboard, so clients can always see the results.

24/7 support and clear connection 

For the regular project updates, we create a list of tasks with the amount of work in Jira. We give clients access to a Jira board where they can see the progress of tasks and a detailed sprint report page with various progress charts. We are always open to new ideas to develop your project.

Relevant expertise and cutting-edge technologies

Our team consists of professional app developers. We have experience in marketing and analytics, and we know exactly how to find out what the consumer wants. We qualitatively develop and update applications so that they bring profit to the business.

Main steps of the

Evaluation and approval

When evaluating, we create a backlog of tasks. We present it to our client to show the scope of work based on the work hours in the assessment.

Task planning

We create a development roadmap by dividing all tasks into sprints. Our clients receive access to Jira, where they can track the project’s progress.

Development & QA testing

We start the development process and, at the end of each sprint, test the software we’ve created. In this way, the client gets an MVP from the first sprint at the end of the second sprint.

UI & UX design

When the app is ready, we proceed with the design and create a user-friendly and convenient interface.

Product launch & analytics

We use our experience to help clients launch their products and set up analytics. We also offer updates based on the market and user data.

Updating & scaling

When the app is launched and works successfully, we help with updates and scaling.


YBC Music
We’ve been cooperating with Weelorum for 4 years already and continue improving our application. At first, we were impressed with their development approach and tech expertise but then, communication, problem-solving and project cate became their strongest points. Weelorum provides all the explanations to the technical questions and this made it easy to cooperate with them. Thanks for the amazing app and all the work you’ve put in!
YBC Music

Marketing lead
Shaun Williams

Weelorum team has become a great partner for us during the last couple of years and together, we were able to deliver high-level software to our clients. All of their engineers have deep knowledge of mobile development architecture and they can cope with any kind of task. We worked on several projects, some of them were really complicated but still, they were able to successfully complete them and bring a lot of value to our end clients.

CEO and Founder
Natasha Shukin

Live Colony
We started our work with a small task but we decided to continue our collaboration because I recognize a potential. The development quality and result-oriented approach made Weelorum a great fit for further projects and in total, we’ve been cooperating for more than 3 years already. I consider them to be great experts in the mobile app development area and they do an excellent work with analytics and app enhancements. It was a pleasure working with them.
Live Colony

CEO and Founder
John M.

Weelorum successfully and promptly fulfilled the project scope — they delivered quality outputs, updated the designs, and discovered bugs. Their project management style and communication were convenient, flexible, and responsive. Overall, their professional approach and positive attitude stood out.

Product Manager
Andrew Deegan

Jon D. Rock Inc.
Weelorum has successfully released the final app in just three months. Professional and collaborative, they work efficiently and are proactive in seeking input and incorporating feedback from the client. Their transparency, patience, approachability, and can-do attitude make them stand out.
Jon D. Rock Inc.

Founder & CEO
Carlos G. Amador

Custom Surgical GmbH
Weelorum has successfully launched within three months. The team has worked hard to improve the platform's designs, UX, and customer retention. They are calm and have handled the requirement definition with a practical approach. Their adequate resources are critical to the project's success.
Custom Surgical GmbH

Chief Technology Officer
Fernando Benito Abad


How do I find a custom social media app development company?

First, ask for recommendations from successful app founders. If you don’t have any of such contacts in your network, do your research on the web. It’s always better to look on trustful platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms, where you can find real reviews.

Pay attention to the company's portfolio. Not every subcontractor who states that they deliver social network app development services have proof in their case studies, and you don’t want to be experimented on.

Can I hire social media app developers?

Weelorum is a social networking mobile app development company, so by partnering up with us, you’ll get app developers with relevant tech stack and portfolio-proven experience.

Can I trust the quality of work done by your mobile event app developers?

The quality of our work is ensured through our mature risk-free development and delivery processes. You can also check client reviews on Clutch and test apps we developed by downloading them from the app store.