4 Key Points of Successful SaaS Mobile Application Development

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Digital solutions are the absolute best-selling products. In case you wonder how to develop a SaaS application, you will find this post helpful.

We will reveal the secrets of software as a service application’s popularity, the types of digital solutions currently offered to consumers, the main benefits of digital apps, and the four points to consider while creating SaaS applications.

Why Are SaaS Products So Popular, and Where Are They Used?

There are several reasons why software solutions are frequently marketed in both B2B and B2C sectors.

  • Pre-installation is not needed.

It is a big plus for any company that web-based apps do not require a complex initial setup. Infrastructure resources are also not consumed, in contrast to traditional on-premises solutions.

  • Great compatibility.

SaaS application architecture is so versatile that it can adapt to any of your needs. It does not depend on digital solutions already in use or platforms prevalent in your company. SaaS web apps can be designed to suit your project’s requirements and a business model perfectly.

  • High affordability and payment flexibility.

Partnering with SaaS vendors is typically more cost-effective for businesses than similar on-premise solutions. In their turn, customers receive fully functioning digital products at competitive prices. Additionally, third-party providers usually offer a range of payment methods so that you can choose the most convenient one.

  • High user adoption rate.

Even such relatively rigid sectors as healthcare show a positive tendency toward SaaS adoption. Neither customers nor employees are going to have an unsatisfactory experience from using a well-designed app.

The public cloud software market has shown solid exponential expansion since 2008. In this industry, the typical growth rate is approximately 20% per year. It is expected that the SaaS market size will reach over $400 in 2025. Also, SaaS adoption increases at a rate of 20% yearly.

Three types of SaaS solutions are prevalent on the market. You should recognize at least one of the popular apps listed.

  • Communication and collaboration solutions (CCS). Such tools are used for casual and business meetings. You may gather up to 250 people in one conference, and it’s quite impressive. Some examples are Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Zoom.
  • Project management solutions (PMS). When managers have difficulty planning, designing, and scheduling complex projects, such applications can help. A few popular ones are Jira, Confluence, and Smartsheet.
  • Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRMs). Many companies cannot imagine how to organize customer and prospect information without a digital product for management. You may have heard about Salesforce, Insightly, or, which are only a few examples of CRMs.

It is vital to pay close attention to currently popular SaaS types. This way, you will quickly understand how to create a mobile SaaS product that has chances to succeed.

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Types of SaaS Applications

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRMs are intended for growing businesses requiring automatization of sales/marketing processes. They facilitate analytics and forecast future sales and are beneficial for scaling businesses and managing customer issues effectively.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ERPs create a number of competitive advantages for large organizations, significantly improving the management of key business areas in real-time. Procurement, risk management, and supply chain operations maintenance are a few examples of such applications’ capabilities.

Project Management Solutions

Consumers frequently require a SaaS web application to improve teams’ efficiency and keep the information up to date. Such solutions handle the planning, organization, and management of any project’s aspects.

Collaboration and Communication Solutions

These applications range from casual file sharing to fully-featured means of communication, enabling customers, partners, and suppliers to stay in touch. You can use similar software for personal online conversations as easily as for fully-featured business meetings with up to 250 participants. 

Accounting Solutions

These SaaS web apps focus more on operational aspects essential in running a business successfully. Accountants require well-functioning software to keep and interpret financial records effectively. 

Vertical Solutions

Known as highly specialized applications, this type of software is optimized for particular business processes that cannot be attributed to existing generic options. There are challenges with building a SaaS app related to specific enterprise models’ needs, making vertical solutions demanding of developers’ expertise.

HR/HRM Solutions

Some cloud-based SaaS participate in automating HR-related processes, making them highly scalable. Personnel management has never been simple, even for small-sized businesses. HR/HRM software assists talent delivery specialists in managing multiple applications. 

Content Management systems (CMS) Software 

Web-hosting and e-commerce software as service applications fall into the CMS category. They cover needs from product management to payment integration. Similar applications enable multiple contributors to create, edit and publish pieces of content.

Main Benefits of Creating SaaS Mobile Application


SaaS apps are highly versatile and can be adapted to a particular business model. Specific engineering decisions are typically attributed to vertical software. More standardized applications can be adjusted in any way to suit an individual company or a particular target audience better. 

Automatic Updates

Clients expect software to be updated regularly as per user feedback and current business needs. Compared to on-premises solutions, the cloud-located database enables developers to fix a bug or add a feature urgently.

Accessibility and Persistence

SaaS mobile apps run in a cloud environment, enabling access from multiple devices anytime and anywhere. The remote work model is becoming more and more popular. It contributes to the prevalence of SaaS applications, ensuring such a possibility. 

Third-party Integration

Allowing the integration of cloud-based SaaS with third-party software may significantly improve such solutions’ marketability. It may be linkage to a social media network, the inclusion of cybersecurity options provided by independent vendors, and other neat features.

4 Key Features to Consider When Developing a SaaS Mobile App


It is worth considering while building SaaS applications that businesses intend to expand the number of users and add more integrated options further. Cloud-based applications can be adapted to increasing workloads. It includes maintaining consistent server speed and optimizing video content not to slow down applications, constant updates, and many other nuances. 

The Convenience of Use

From the design of the user interface to the ease of access, SaaS application architecture should ensure the optimal customer experience. It may also mean integration with popular platforms and simplicity of login to an app. 

Another way to enhance satisfaction from using a SaaS solution is to store sensitive billing information. It is done via credit card vaults integrated into software on the stage of SaaS application development. Vaults facilitate financial data retrieving, making it unnecessary to re-enter it. Typically, many small details like this collectively contribute to the general impression from a software.

Security and Privacy

It is unlikely that customers would use a software solution that does not offer credible cloud security. A SaaS development framework should adhere to the current security policies from the primary planning stage. 

The vital point is securing billing information provided by a user to pay for a subscription. You must make sure it is never hacked or retrieved. Examples of good security practices are not to send login information to a user in plain text and include vaults in your app’s payment processing flow.

Flexible Payment Model

Software cloud solutions are considered an affordable replacement for locally-hosted software. Similarly, a successful SaaS web application is expected to provide a customer with a certain degree of payment flexibility. Thus, during the SaaS development process, you should pay close attention to the payment options that your customers will be offered. 

Subscription-based is considered to be the most convenient and effective payment strategy. You may also have heard of it as the recurring income model. It is grounded on collecting weekly/monthly/yearly fees. It is designed chiefly for customers rather than for businesses. The model can be enhanced with modifications such as per-seat pricing, metered billing, offering discounts and free trials, etc.

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Final Thoughts

Software-as-a-service solutions are highly popular for fulfilling customers’ and businesses’ needs. If you are still unsure how to develop a SaaS application, pay close attention to the latest trends, to get a clue about profitable digital products. We also recommend not to neglect the above-described features that should be present in a SaaS app, as they are a core for success.

Statistics show that the SaaS application market has great potential for further growth. Whether you are an independent investor or a large-sized company representative, your interest in developing mobile apps is completely justified.


How much does it cost to create a SaaS application?

It depends on the number of platforms and features required. Additionally, the hourly wage of developers is an essential factor. Thus, the cost of the finished product fluctuates somewhere between $15-100k. You may be happy to know that our full-cycle mobile app development company offers our clients the most competitive prices.

What are examples of mobile SaaS applications?

Typically, any cloud-based service compatible with a mobile platform is considered a mobile SaaS application. Examples are music and fitness apps, CRM software for small to medium-sized companies, discount calculators, etc.

Should I try a DIY SaaS application development?

Experience shows that custom applications, even well-designed ones, do not achieve widespread recognition. Because of the long turnaround, they become obsolete even before the release. Save your time and money. Request professional SaaS development services.

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