7 Best Location-Based App Ideas: Choose One and Hit the Jackpot

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Various location-based app ideas are a trend of our time that no business owner or app developer should miss. If you want to profit from the products of your company, you need to at least understand what this trend is about, what ideas can be implemented using geolocation, and how it simplifies the life of users of your mobile applications.

The uses for geolocation are endless and are being exploited by many modern industries. Do you want to call an Uber or another taxi service? A car will arrive directly at your house without even needing to input your address. Moreover, you will see the route of the assigned driver. Want to check the weather for next week? Google or another weather app on your iPhone or Android device will automatically detect your location and show you the prognosis. Need to order food? An app like Glovo will show you the nearest restaurant or café, and then you can track the route of the courier, so you know exactly when to pick up your order.

All of the above examples are apps that use geolocation. Such a variety is possible thanks to modern satellites. It’s possible to determine your position with an accuracy of up to 300 meters almost anywhere in the world.

Of course, some users are afraid to provide such data to global companies. Perhaps they are used and transferred to third parties, about which the New York Times wrote an entire article. But still, this is not proven in any way, and as a company owner or developer, you can get amazing benefits from hopping on this trend in time.

So today, our goal is to tell you which geolocation app ideas will be the most relevant and how you and your app users will benefit from this feature.

3 Tips for Location-Based Apps

First, let’s look at additional features that will help make the best location-based app ideas even more convenient and in-demand among users.

1.Implement mobile notifications.

By adding this feature to your application, you can greatly simplify the life of your users. They will be able to get up-to-date data, depending on the purpose of your application. If this is an on-demand app, then there may be notifications about the imminent arrival of the courier or that the order has been picked up. If we are talking about an application for tracking the weather, you can add alerts about the approaching change of the front, which will entail rain or other precipitation.

2.Help in navigation.

By adding features that help users navigate, everyone will win. Your application will become more convenient, and the user will be able to receive information about traffic jams or other desired data, depending on the application idea you like.

3.Make your app versatile.

Even if you’re making a weather app, you can make it more versatile. For example, you can add other information related to the event. The application shows the temperature and, at the same time, can show what is better to wear today, how the temperature actually feels in different areas, and so on. You can come up with an infinite number of such pieces, and your users will appreciate the authenticity.

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Industries that Benefit From Geolocation-Based Applications

The impetus for the evolution of this trend was modern satellites, which make life easier for users than ever before. Now that it’s easy enough to get geolocation, you don’t have to use a compass or an astrolabe to get it. It means that any developer can implement this function in their application without problems. 

The number of industries that can implement geolocation tracking is only growing. But, let’s take a closer look at the most interesting options for enterprises that are already profiting from ideas for location-based apps.

On-Demand Services

The on-demand industry is probably the quickest to come to mind for those catching on to this trend. This includes taxi apps, delivery services, and any other services used by users as needed. The benefit is immediately apparent—it makes the application easier to use and reduces the time needed to wait for a taxi or courier.

The taxi driver also benefits enormously by not having to drive too far to pick up their passenger. You can immediately get familiarized with exactly where the passenger needs to go and reject the order if you are not satisfied with something. This industry has become especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entertainment and Dating Industry

The entertainment and dating industry has also benefited greatly from the development of geolocation capabilities. Now you can find a mate a few miles from home just by using one of the popular apps. Moreover, you can find the nearest restaurant, café, park, and more. Application users got the opportunity not to enter their address specifically but, at the same time, look for a partner or an institution for recreation quickly.

Transportation Industry

GPS data can be used for various purposes in cargo transportation. For example, you can track the direction of travel and the location of the nearest vehicles to simplify the logistics process. It is possible to make freight transportation easier and, most importantly, more profitable for business owners.

Travel Industry

Owners of travel agencies have also become familiar with this trend quickly and are using it to maximize profits. Now, you can easily find various applications that allow you to select the nearest train station or airport to the user’s geolocation, provide the geo of the hotel and the nearest infrastructure, schedule bookings, and much more.

Mobile Games Industry

Mobile games are another story of success. Using geolocation allows you to add simply amazing features to various mobile games. The main and the most profitable of such examples is Pokémon Go. Probably many of you are familiar with this game because it got the real hype upon release and even now remains relevant. In the first six months of 2021, Pokémon Go generated over $640 million in income. And there can be just a massive number of such ideas.

7 Location-Based App Ideas—Best Startup Opportunities

Since many developers are using this trend and the competition is growing every day, we have selected the best niches to enter right now. 

Mobile Game

In addition to Pokémon Go, there are other location-based Android app ideas for entertaining mobile games with geolocation use. Now, this example is both the most prominent and most extreme. However, the possibilities for smaller improvements are endless. Consider, for example, finding the best server for ping optimization, which the built-in geolocation can do. This and many other functions for players will make the gaming process much smoother and more pleasing.

Tourism and Booking App

Travel apps can benefit the most from location-based mobile app ideas. You can implement just hundreds of different functions using the ability to track users’ geolocation. The best example is booking an apartment and checking its geolocation. You can also add the function of showing the nearest points of interest: attractions, parks, and other entertainment establishments.

On-Demand App

Although the competition in this field is quite high, where there is competition, there are also big profits. You can make an application better than others, thereby attracting your customers. To do this, it is enough to add authenticity to the application with geolocation tracking. For example, the ability to choose from the nearest taxi drivers based on passenger reviews or other features. Also, traffic notifications for the driver will be a great option to make the application more versatile.

Dating App

Finding a soulmate when you spend most of your time at work is quite problematic. Sometimes, it so happens that you like a person from another city, but you just don’t have the opportunity to meet them. Therefore, modern popular dating applications have made it possible to pick a partner not only by appearance and hobbies but also by geolocation. There is already quite a big competition in this field, but most applications are not completely optimized. So using one of the geolocation-based app ideas in this field, you can not only get profits but make people happier.

E-Commerce App

You can use geolocation to check availability in nearby warehouses, optimize courier work, and achieve many other goals.

Ad App

Targeting advertising is among the best location-based service apps ideas. Advertising brings a steady income to many companies. At the same time, most of the income is passive. To optimize advertising and get even more gain, you can easily implement geolocation in the application. This is suitable for advertising local products or shops and other establishments.

Healthcare App

You can use the location for fitness applications. Show the location of athletic fields, track the distance of jogging or walking, calculate burnt calories based on the information received, etc.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we introduced you to new ideas for location-based apps. The choice, of course, is yours, but each industry can incorporate geolocation into its applications in different ways to maximize user satisfaction and profits.


Why should I check out ideas for location-based apps?

Using geofencing lets users get the best app experience, and creators get the most out of their investment. Therefore, it is vital to know the significance of this trend in the modern world.

What are the most profitable geolocation-based app ideas?

Depending on the industry in which these ideas are implemented, profits may vary. It would seem that mobile games may be the least profitable, but Pokémon Go makes this claim unfounded. So, it all depends on the quality of implementation of functions and optimization of the application.

Why are there always new ideas for location-based apps?

Geolocation technologies are still developing. In addition, new industries that solve human problems are emerging in the modern world. Therefore, the flow of new ideas for creating geolocation applications is simply endless.

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