How to hire the best contractor for B2B mobile app development

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The B2C software marketplace is well-developed, and there is no difficulty finding a reliable contractor there. But B2B proprietary applications are more tricky and require a well-thought-out developmental approach.

The primary problem is figuring out how to find a contractor for B2B app development that excels in addressing your business’s needs. Learn more about B2B specificities and read useful tips on hiring a solid developer below.

Overview of B2B Mobile App Development Market

Since 2006, the e-commerce software B2B market has shown steady growth. The revenue generated from the US B2B app development in 2021 is valued at almost 11 billion dollars.

B2C apps are intended to resolve the problems of customers rather than challenges in the business environment. Naturally, this market grows at a quicker tempo than the B2B one does. But if you wonder whether to consider a B2B app development partnership or not, you are likely to benefit from the long-term projects in this niche in any way possible. 

4 Benefits of Mobile Applications for B2B Businesses

Mobile software solutions come in handy to multiple companies, regardless of their business models. Here is the list of four advantages that B2B mobile apps have. 

Better Team Management and Higher Productivity

Mobile B2B software solutions typically offer effective communication and project management tools. CEOs often wonder how to hire a B2B mobile app developer that will ensure the high-level performance of their teams. In most enterprises, the net profit significantly depends on the productivity of each individual worker. 

Besides, B2B mobile apps often have capabilities to customize their interface and functions. Such personalization is beneficial for the user experience overall. It indirectly impacts employee performance positively. 

Better Business Analytics

B2B mobile digital applications may offer to collect statistics for projects and productivity of workers. Compared to the B2C mobile apps sector, the problem with the B2B software is how to hire a B2B app development agency with experience in creating advanced business analytics tools. 

But in case of success, a fully-fledged B2B mobile app may greatly assist the top management and marketers of a company. 


The convenience that B2B mobile applications offer increases the cost-efficiency of order management procedures. Basically, employees spend less time fulfilling routine tasks. It is achieved due to better planning, team management, customization of software, and other features of B2B software for mobile devices.

Working time is the main asset of any company. Consequently, optimization of the workflow positively impacts the cost-effectiveness of an enterprise overall. 

Increased Revenue

B2B mobile apps can be designed as scalable software solutions. This way, they can comply with the increased flow of requests or orders error-free. 

There is a direct dependence between the number of purchases processed and the revenue rates. Additionally, the absence of mistakes significantly reduces expenses on returning the sub-par quality goods and resolving cases with confusing orders. It increases the net revenue, respectively. 

If a company tries to multiply its revenue, it should decide how to hire app developers for a B2B project first. 

Types of Mobile Apps for B2B Projects: Pros and Cons

Native Apps

Native software supports only one operating system (OS). For example, only Android or iOS-powered mobile devices can use one. 


  • Better functionality for a particular platform.
  • Provide a recognizable look and are perceived as a part of a device’s OS.
  • More customizable.
  • Access to native APIs and better interaction with them. 


  • Limited access from devices with different OS.
  • Different teams work on iOS and Android, resulting in more person-hours required to develop native apps for two platforms.

If your company provides workers with brand cell phones—a native app must be your choice. 

Web Apps

Such digital solutions are basically websites optimized for mobile devices users. 


  • The most affordable development process.
  • High software flexibility and accessibility due to cloud-based opportunities.


  • Cannot use a device’s camera, GPS, accelerometer, or any other integrated tool.
  • Have a comparatively low performance limited to a browser’s capabilities. 

Web apps better suit companies that do not want to invest much, but still, need their software to be well accessible. Web apps may also be a complementary option. 

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications may support several OSs and simultaneously have a fully functioning web resource. 


  • Provide a recognizable look and are perceived as a part of a device’s OS.
  • Ensure unlimited access from devices with different OSs.
  • High software flexibility.
  • High functionality overall.


  • The most expensive and time-consuming development process.
  • Require solid technical maintenance and frequent updates.

Hybrid apps are the versatile solutions mostly needed for large-scale companies to ensure maximum access to their software and the highest personalization possible.

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How to Hire B2B Mobile App Developers: Useful Tips

Well-functioning software may be an integral part of a business operation. Employers tend to make a great effort to find a great B2B app development contractor. Here are several useful tips for hiring the right specialists for your project:

  • Industry and domain specialization.

Perhaps, it is the most crucial factor that affects development quality. 

Creating software for the B2B app market significantly differs from the same work done for the B2C market. It is explained with different purposes of the applications. Business software is focused on addressing the specific needs of a company and its employees, while B2C mobile apps are intended to meet the changing needs of thousands of users. 

As a result, a company that does not have much experience in creating solid business apps may not perform as expected. Additionally, it is worth considering the types of apps an outsourcing agency has already developed. In case these significantly differ from the software you require, you should consider partnering with another development team. 

  • Personal commitment and trustworthiness.

Here is a reliable, fool-proof way to find a contractor for B2B app development. Scroll customer reviews first! Also, check recommendations on professional networking resources like LinkedIn. In case there are not enough reviews, or they are mostly negative, we advise you against working with such developers.

Also, check posts on your potential contractors’ web pages and personal blogs. Typically, you may receive an accurate initial impression of an agency based on the content it posts. Take into consideration how helpful the support team is. Try to understand if these contractors are passionate about the work they do. 

  • Portfolio.

Another great way to discover if a company deserves a contract for B2B app development — check their portfolio. You will automatically learn if this team has enough expertise in your business niche. 

Also, you may test applications that the agency developed. They will provide you with an accurate and in-depth insight into what level of development quality you may expect from the contractor.

  • All-around performance.

You should not limit your evaluation of a potential B2B mobile app development agency to the technology stack in its use. Features they will integrate into your software are just the icing on the cake. 

Pay close attention to developers’ offers regarding UI/UX design, prototyping, continual testing, and follow-up support and maintenance. You want your contractor to develop a completed, fully-fledged product with perfectly functioning code. 

  • Overall potential and desire to innovate.

If you’re still wondering how to hire the best B2B mobile app developers, we have one final piece of advice. It may sound vague, but the dedication of a team to do a great job is a key factor impacting their overall performance.

In the context of B2B app development, the desire to innovate may be expressed in generating unique and valid ideas. They must be devoted to improving your business software, so it benefits your company.

A contractor may offer you to integrate a set of conventional features present in numerous other applications. These are of great use, but still, you should expect a dedicated team to make up suggestions for innovative functions that will help you perform better than competitors.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire B2B App Developers in 2022?

Price formation for B2B mobile app development services depends on the following main factors:

  • A region where developers are located. The wages of developers depend mainly on the region they live in. You can learn more about approximate price ranges in the table below.
  • How experienced a team of developers is. Expertise in a particular domain is more valuable than general development experience. The level of expertise is also an accurate reflection of how trustworthy an agency is. You can learn more about the approximate level of expertise in the table below.
CountryJuniorMiddleSeniorIT ranking

It is always a cost-effective solution to hire developers that offer the optimal price-to-quality ratio for B2B mobile development services.

Want to know how to hire B2B app developers that do good work at an affordable app development price? Look at Ukraine. Developers from this region are among the world’s best, with an average score index of 91.26%.

  • The complexity of an application. In other words, the right tech stack for your project. It may include specialized features intended specifically for your company. Or just some intricate design decisions that no other business has. If you need advanced security opportunities and multiple layers of data protection, you will also be asked to pay more.
  • Turnaround time. This derives from the other three factors. If the app you requested is complicated and the expertise of developers is not enough, the project will likely last for years. Its costs will rise accordingly.

Final Thoughts

A B2B mobile app development contract is more significant than a regular offer to create B2C software. You want the developers to be experts in your business niche to address your company’s needs successfully.

While hiring a good outsourcing agency may seem tricky, you just need to follow the steps carefully. Look for developers from Ukraine, Germany, or Poland. They are likely to save you money but still do a great job. 

Always check customer reviews and portfolios, and try the apps of developer teams yourself. Look for contractors who are willing to create innovative software rather than just meet a contract’s terms. 

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  • We offer comprehensive services, so you do not have to contact any other contractor on any matter.
  • We regularly monitor the newest trends, so you can be confident that your application is the most innovative in your business environment.
  • We highly respect your privacy and security and never share your data with third parties.
  • We always aim to ensure a best-in-class customer experience.

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How do I hire the best B2B mobile app developers?

Check our table with developer pay rates in different regions. Then, look for agencies with experience in your niche and who are trustworthy and passionate about their work.

What are the methods to find the best outsourcing company for B2B mobile app development?

It is best to determine the region where you will be finding your trusted B2B mobile apps developers. Next, search for ones that seem to be reliable. Examine their portfolio, customer reviews, and try apps they developed. Then, request a quote and compare options.

Where are the best B2B mobile app developers for hire?

Currently, the most trustworthy and affordable developers for hire are located in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. They offer the best cost-to-quality ratio.

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